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These knees are made of stone…

12 Nov

WOW!  November has been a busy month and it’s only the 12th!!!  I have had more work and filming go down so far in the past two weeks that I can hardly believe it  And I got to say…I owe most of it to my friends.

The creative team behind our new media movement and Youtube channel, LIKE A BOSS TV, is stellar to say the least.  Several creative film makers comprised of actors, directors, producers,  vfx gurus, cosplayers, geeks, and gamers all coming together to create high quality content for a channel that is nothing less than radical!  LIKE A BOSS TV is pretty much the product of AWESOME running a train on EPIC…yep…that’s how I just described it.

Even with that said, the hate has flowed here in Portland.  And I love every minute of it.  Why?  Because no one even knows what we have been up to with the exception of a few “behind the scenes” shots.  This proves my theory 100%.  People here are bitter, close-minded, egotistical film elitists with the exception of a few.  Running one’s mouth and trying to derail other people’s projects seems to be the weapons of choice.  And I LOVE the prim a dona actors here!  It’s okay though…this is why I have chosen to only work work with my friends now.  😉  The haters can keep taking pot shots and chop at the knees…but just read the title to this post.

On top of that…we don’t need anyone’s “approval” here and this project goes way beyond Portland, Oregon.  Besides…we have AWESOME FANS!  Just look below!  Woohoo!



6 Nov

So…in doing my daily scouring of film and new media news…I came across the image below.  My mind somewhat went KABOOM when i saw it.  Not having been a huge Star Wars fan growing up, I rediscovered my love for it over the past few years and now that Disney has acquired it I love it even more (their work with Marvel has been amazing!).  So…I ask again…”What the frak is this!?”  There was no release, only an image and it has mysteriously disappeared!  A marketing tactic?  WHAT THE HELL IS COMING ON 12-12-12!!!!!!!?????  Tweet me your thoughts@JLEEFORTHEWIN or post them below!

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