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A little behind the curve…

28 Oct

Yes…I just recently learned about Gangam Style…don’t hate me.




28 Oct

Vlog #1

23 Oct

So..instead of writing I will be posting Vlogs as much as possible.  Why?  Because I feel I will get points across more clearly when people can see facial reactions, tone of voice, etc and know how happy, pissed, or sad I may or may not be!  So…get used to it.  🙂


Sunday Funday!!!

14 Oct

So…I haven’t slept in over 24 hours due to a recent commercial I got asked to put together but low and behold…I finished it this morning!  Now what a Sunday it is!  With people coming over to watch the new “Dexter” and the season premiere of “The Walking Dead” (Malia…I CANNOT believe you have not seen it!) and one of the most promising weeks ahead of me ever, I’d say this Sunday is one for the record books!

On a different note…today seems to be a day with some regret to it as well.  At about 7Am, my mind took a detour, thinking about how close I got to some people this past year.  Big mistake.  I had it used against me on several occasions including currently I think.  To some, feelings can apparently be pushed aside and forgotten if you will.  I have actually been trying my best to just focus on the immense amount of work, projects, collaborations, and writing that I have in front of me.  But it can be trying when you hear and see those that you put trust and faith in disregarding you’re own being to an extent that doesn’t even seem human.  It seems false and fake.  Especially when promises get shattered like glass.  The spider-webbed fractures seem to carry on for a great distance.

OKAY!  Enough emo talk!  When it’s all said and done, I am still standing tall, proud, continue to have PATIENCE, and a very lucrative future working alongside some of my best friends!  Aris Juson, Luis Garcia, and Annie Bardonski…thanks for the words of wisdom this past week.  You may not even know you gave ’em but thank you kindly!

On that note…I give you this:

GoProHD – “Welcome To Epic!” Featuring Professional Action Sport Athletes Bucky Lasek, Alana Blanchard, Tim Humphrys, Ronnie Renner, Andy MacDonald, and many more!

Kicking ass and chewing bubblegum!

11 Oct

So today has been one of the most productive days I have ever had in my life!  I am currently involved in tons of film projects and couldn’t be happier!  I also have the best support structure around me in my friends and they keep me moving forward daily!

We recently created a new Youtube channel called LIKE A BOSS TV which focuses on pop culture, friendship, film making, new media news, and video games.  Our guest list keeps growing for the weekly original news show “Boss Talk” (which airs next Friday!) and we have some super awesome skits rolling along which most of you will recognize and they are the funnest things in the world to shoot!

In my absence I missed quite a few shorts that got shot in Portland.  I caught up on most and have some props to throw out here.  My good friends Drew Garrettson and Armeen Monahan shot a short for the Portland 48hr Filmfest called “THE TECHNIQUE“, and it rocked!  They didn’t have a huge budget and flashy VFX or props because they didn’t need it.  The story was intriguing and original and deserved a bit more attention than most of the other entries.

I also want to give a HUGE shout out to Luis Garcia for backing up his statements with straight fact.  Someone told him he couldn’t tell a story in under five minutes.  Not only did Luis tell one hell of a story…he did it in under two minutes!  “LOOSE CHANGE” is a beautiful short.  The acting by Adam Elliot Davis and Andrew Wakefield is great in it as well!  Luis also did a short called “FACE” which I highly suggest!

As per a conversation I had the other day, it was interesting to do some analytics on  the film makers in Portland this past year. Only two people have actually put out anything over the past year.  Mr. Jason Hawkins and Mr. Todd Freeman.  Now, both these film makers have received quite a bit of negative attention from the community that is supposed to support them.  I find this very amusing that so many other people feel so threatened because these two individuals have started careers.  Not only have they jumped in but also found niche markets.  There are people that produce things and get them done and out for people to see, regardless of opinions and negativity.  And then there are those that will continue to go to pitches, meetings, and so on HOPING that their project can get bought out by some big studio.  Bottom line:  Get more experience.  I am happy to say that Jason and Todd have done things their own way and have created works that many find to be entertaining (you don’t just GET distribution…that should speak for itself!).  They PRODUCE content.

“CELL COUNT” Written/Directed by The Brothers Freeman.

“THE INNOCENT” Written/Directed by Jason Hawkins.

I have quickly learned that there is where the problems lie.  Whoever creates and produces content gets the hate in this town.  Sad.  Very sad.  There are far to many jealous individuals here who think their opinions are valued on some sort of higher plane.  It doesn’t matter what your shooting.  It could be a music video, a commercial, a short, etc…here you will get shit on by the people you are supposed to working alongside.  Jason and Todd have always been supportive of me and I will ALWAYS be supportive in return.

It’s been a thorn in my side as of late.  Portland…the hipster, indie, and stripper capital of the US.  Well,  people take two of these things way to far.  The hipsters and the indie freaks (both go hand in hand in a way).  Several film makers here want to be TOO different and end up becoming egotistical idiots when they have nothing to show for it.

I speak on these issues because every time I sit down in a production meeting these subjects come up.  I am all about positivity today however.  To many people have amazing things going on!  Several of these individuals are people I respect VERY much.  Jason Satterlund, Levy Moroshan, and Edd Blott are three that stick out heavily in my mind at the moment.  Edd just finished a very moving film called “A Tale Of Delight” which is just great!  it premieres this next month.

I’m going to wrap this up now…next blog may be a “ventation” on relationships.  What happens when females from your past suddenly try and jump back into your life?  Do you get out the fly swatter?  Or buy roses?  Isn’t there a reason they’re in your past?  I will visit this subject soon!

I’m about to go Rocky up in this bitch…

9 Oct

I can handle quite a bit of criticism.  Hell, I can even hear the occasional slanderous remark about me and shrug it off…to a point.  Well…that point has been crossed and I won’t let myself or my career be stepped on any longer.  The gloves are off and quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier!  Now some may read the this new post and think all kinds of thoughts.  “Why would he write this?”  “Who is he talking about?”  “What happened?”  It’s a blog people.  This is how some human beings vent.  I apologize to my friends, co-workers, fellow creators, and even the limited family that may read this.  Now, moving on…

Some may call this whining…some may call it irrational.  Some of my best friends, colleagues, and even family have talked me down on many occasions to not respond to some recent individuals within my own town’s film community (a community which I try to support but this shit makes it damn near impossible!) that, apparently, feel the need to keep concerning themselves with my past and my current life.  Individuals who do not even know me to an extent that would even warrant them to speak my name let alone my career and those that I work with.

Well…I have listened to my friends.  I have not spoken out much as of late because I keep being told “Don’t give them the satisfaction” and “They just want you to retaliate because they want the attention”.  I have even had one friend tell me it’s because these people are destined to go nowhere therefore they try and train wreck everyone else projects, names, etc.  This last statement is most def. true.  And it’s sad that no one else other than a handful of individuals has the balls to say anything to them.  For me…It stops here.  Cue “Eye Of The Tiger”.

Since I know they have been reading my blog, I will say this…IT STOPS HERE.  If I hear so much as a whisper from someone that my name exited your mouths, I will make sure to attend every single film function until we run into each other face to face.  Since you have been told on many occasions via messages, phone calls, and emails to mind your own business, worry about yourself, and your career, and just all around be a human being, and you can’t even do that…I guess you must need someone to tell you to your face.  I have no problems with that.

Back to my readers.  I always find it hilarious how hypocritical people can really be.  Especially when people like this want to try and ruin someone.  Do they ever stop and think about their faults?  Do they ever stop and think about who knows about their dirty laundry?  Well…they should start worrying about it.

A lot of you may find this post a bit disturbing, immature, etc.  At the same time, for those who know me, know I must have been pushed awfully hard to write something this straightforward without just calling these people out by name.  No…I will save that courtesy because I do have respect for someone’s name.  I am not spiteful nor hateful.  This blog is about my life and what I deal with.  Some people want to read it and get to know me better and for those who do not…put in a different WWW above and get gone.

This shit is ridiculous and needs to stop.  And there are several others who may be reading this and are guilty of being enablers.  You should quit as well.  In fact, there is an all around shit talking atmosphere polluting Portland’s film scene.  I know that it isn’t just Portland…it happens everywhere.  I hope those that are talking all this crap are ready for that move to LA.  Get ready to be bitch slapped by reality when no one writes you a courtesy blog and instead chokes you out in a bar because you ran your mouth.  Bazinga!
Bottom line:  You are adults!  And semi-old ones at that!  Act your fucking age!  Nuff said.

Back and focused more than ever!

4 Oct

So it has been a few months since I have been on here and I feel I need to explain a few things…especially for those individuals just looking for a reason to gossip at the next independent film function.
Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with with the rarest form of Pneumonia in the world and was designated “Case #218” (sounds like a terrible horror movie title!) by the Oregon Health and Sciences University.  I quickly found out there are only two doctors in the states that know anything about this type of Pneumonia and by a pure miracle, one of them is at OHSU!
So after spending over five weeks in the hospital, spending four weeks with a temp. of 106.1 (pretty sure I have some massive brain malfunctions from that!), having seven different veins get blown out due to the meds they were giving me (one of them looked just like orange juice and was just as thick!), and getting a wonderful spinal tap, I was let go.  There was a catch though:  I would have this crazy thing for up to a year and a half!
So for the past year, I have had this “silent sidekick” riding around in my lung, affecting my daily life and overall health.  I worked on project after project, traveled for work, and ultimately pushed myself to the max.  Now comes the hard part….I hate to admit that I am human (believe it or not I actually think I am Optimus Prime…just without all the metal) and finally having had SEVERAL people tell me I had to slow down and worry about myself, I did just that.
Ontop of carrying around my “sidekick” (lets just call him Gotti!), I had the normal troubles that everyone goes through:  Debt, stress, and work.  Half the stress has always came from creating and producing projects and then dealing with the actors/actresses (mainly) and other crew who think things happen over nite (here’s a big hint:  THEY DON’T!!!..especially on projects of a massive scale!).  Also, I am only human (as I said…I hate to admit this), so hearing your name get mentioned on occassion in a negative manner by individuals you may not even know or barely know, can hurt the feelers.  Of course, if you are involved in the Portland film scene, this happens quite a bit.  Best harden up.
My debt came in the form of…well…the medical bills.  $212K worth.  Well luckily, as of recently, most of it has been taken care of thanks to me being a medical study now (I’ll get to that in a second).
So…I decided to take a bit of break right after I came home from VIDCON this last summer.  I called it “J. Lee’s sabbatical”.  Well, it would have been fine and dandy had the cops not came a knockin’ to inform me that I had a non-paid traffic ticket (Don;t judge me…I know not everyone reading this always remembers their tickets!) from 2008 from a surfing trip I took out on the Washington coastline.  It seemed the judge felt it necessary to issue a warrant because I had not appeared in court for him to throw his gavel at me or something.  So to shorten up this story a bit, they threw me in jail, denied me my doctor’s appointments, chucked my meds in the trash, and tried to throw away the key.
A normal speeding ticket would only warrant a fine…but…this judge really didn’t like me.  Not only did he give me a speeding ticket, he tacked on a “failure to appear in court”, and a “driving with a suspended license”.  Now, normally, all of these charges would only be a $500 fine and MAYBE one night in jail (not likely…except I have the worst luck in the world).  Not for me.  The judge wanted to break me off for 70 days!!!
I won’t get into how ridiculous our justice system is in this post.  But I will say that being in jail SUCKS!  Especially when it’s a 150 year old jail filled with drug addicts and woman beaters.  Needless to say, I had a few shuffles with a couple bruisers.  Good times.
If it hadn’t been for a selected few individuals, most notably, THOSE EPIC DUDES, David Townsend, Kebby Jones, Drew Garrettson (my brother from another Mother), Sarah Garcia, and Heather Davis, I do not know what I would have done.
The day before I went into see the judge, my amazing friends (they are considered my family…and my only family at that), compiled my medical records, my proof of employment, my proof that I HAD paid on my fine, and even letters of good character.
A miracle even happened the weekend before court.  An older man came into the jail and was put in my cell.  He was in on a DUI.  While playing cards, the man became to have a seizure and stopped breathing.  The guards acted so slowly that it was shocking not even bothering to come into the cell.  They just called an ambulance.  I was the only one who knew how to do CPR and so administered it.  The man began to breathe again and they rushed him to the hospital the second the ambulance showed up.
When they brought me in to see the judge, the man who had suffered the seizure appeared in the courtroom.  I wasn’t to shocked because he had told me his court date was the same as mine.  The judge looked at all the papers that my friends had compiled for me yet still was going to sentence me to the full 70 days (the jail gets paid $37 everyday you’re in their BTW yet to sit out a traffic ticket you only get $25 per day taken off).  In the midst of the judge speaking, “seizure dude” interrupts him.
I half expected the judge to grow Wolverine’s claws or shoot lasers from his eyes but instead he listened calmly as the man told the story of him having a seizure and what had followed.  I was amazed when I watched the judge fully change his opinion of me being a “ruthless renegade of the law” and completely abolish my charges!  Shocked I was!
Well, this concludes most of my two month absence.  Maybe one day soon I’ll write about jail life, how (according to OHSU) I am a medical marvel and may help cure this new type of Pneumonia, or try to explain why my friends will ALWAYS have a place in my heart…even in the face of a Zombie attack.  Instead, for now, it’s back to working on the MASSIVE trans-media project of “LEGENDARY” (in which 200 pages of the novel are done!), helping produce an absolutely amazing script by one of my best friends in the world, and writing/producing an AWESOME secret project for charity that will dawn the web soon!
All I can say is, I missed a lot of people, I learned a thing or two, and I am stoked that all my new TV shows have started!  If anyone has questions for me…feel free to email at or drop me a line on Facebook!

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